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10 Strange Things Found Frozen In Ice Antarctica

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Published: 4 months ago
Antarctica is one of the most mysterious places on Earth. ☃️ It’s the coldest location ever discovered, with an average temperature of -58ºF and an occasional drop to as low as -128.5ºF. ❄️ In addition, this continent remains the least explored. Antarctica has no time zones, no countries, and only 2 ATMs. We're gonna tell you about 10 mysterious and bizarre findings that have been discovered in the ice of Antarctica.

Elongated skulls 2:42
An ancient meteorite 3:28
Ancient fossils 4:19
Petrified remains of an unusual animal 5:01
Blood waterfall 5:44
Dry valleys 6:26
100-year-old whiskey 7:23
A scary creature 8:06
An underground lake 8:43
A frozen ship 9:36

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- This was a truly shocking discovery: 3 elongated skulls were found in Antarctica in 2014. These skulls were the first human remains uncovered in Antarctica.
- For the last 50 years, people have found more than 10,000 meteorites in Antarctica. Some of them are more than 700,000 years old.
- It turns out that dinosaurs used to live in Antarctica! Since the ‘80s, scientists have discovered almost a ton of fossils there. Most of these remains are more than 71 million years old.
- Archaeologists made another amazing discovery in 2009: the ice of Antarctica had been hiding the fossilized remains of a unique creature. It was the size of a modern cat, but, unlike our popular pets, the animal was egg-laying.
- An unaware onlooker might easily believe that the Taylor Glacier is leaking blood. Terrifying blood-red liquid indeed flows over the ice and falls into the sea. Luckily, the origin of this water isn't dramatic at all. This unusual waterfall contains so much iron oxide that it makes the water look like blood.
- While Antartica is a snow-covered continent, you probably wouldn’t associate it with a lack of water. However, this land is home to one of the driest locations on our planet: the Dry Valleys.
- 2 boxes of excellent Scotch whiskey were hidden in the ice of Antarctica for more than 100 years. After archaeologists discovered this unexpected treasure, they didn't remove it from its ice trap immediately because they were afraid of damaging their finding.
- At a depth of 1,100 ft, American archaeologists made a truly terrifying discovery — they came across an unknown creature that didn't resemble any other living being known to people.
- Scientists know of approximately 400 lakes in Antarctica. Due to incredible pressure, water stays liquid even when its temperature is below the standard freezing point.
- In 1914, the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition began. Its aim was to cross the icy continent from one side to the other. 2 ships participated in the voyage. Tragically, one of them got stuck in the ice and was crushed.

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This fact is really awesome! 2:42 Which one surprised you the most?

Check some scary theories about the Earth

4 months ago

BRIGHT SIDE I'm surprised that no one has re-recorded the audio for the frozen annelid described at 8:00 as being eight feet long instead of eight inches, as shown in the caption. How hard would that have been?

4 hours ago


1 day ago

None really

2 days ago

Most misleading title ever

57 minutes ago

lol megatron

2 hours ago

To bad you didn't list not even 1 of the greatest finds of the century

2 hours ago

Gold mines everywhere

4 hours ago

Hollow earth

7 hours ago

I would def love to c that ship!

8 hours ago

9:02 this is how coolant is made for earth core

10 hours ago

It's megladon

11 hours ago

11: B I G C H U N G U S

11 hours ago

Even though I live where it is cold I would say don't want to go there loved the story telling great education.

12 hours ago

You forgot the transformer megatron

12 hours ago

Oh yeah yeah

13 hours ago

Almost a ton of fossils... So like what? 1800 lbs of fossils? 1950 lbs? at least give a rough estimate yo.

13 hours ago

How did the whiskey get there?

17 hours ago

Mostly repeated indoctrinated information. Nothing new here.

18 hours ago

I believe that there were humans during the time of the dinosaurs. Depending on how old the human skull is, it’ll determine whether there was human. It’s impossible to say that our ancestors traveled there especially if they didn’t even know about Antartica’s existence. I believe that those human skulls were of those who died to the meteor.

20 hours ago

2:41 My favorite fact.

20 hours ago

There's a few interesting ones...

21 hours ago

2:45 Minecraft is real

22 hours ago

1:16 that moment when bright side has more subs then PewDiePie 🤔

23 hours ago

Yes we want to travel

1 day ago

How is it a continent,m when no one lives there, and it’s mostly unexplored??? Smfh

1 day ago

2:40 Elongated Skulls found in Antarctica? Really? In 2014? Never heard of that before.
In Egypt and Peru - Yes. --- But in Antarctica/Antarktis? - ... What/Where are your sources?

1 day ago

Ok, first Antartica does have time-zones just as the north pole does. Antartica is also divided up by several different countries and thus falls under their respective territories. I swear this man doesn't know about books or even Google.

1 day ago

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1 day ago

Under the Antartica is where the 'I play Pokemon Go' kid was hidden so the world never has to hear that song again.

1 day ago

best part...11:11

1 day ago

The Taylor glacier is on its period

1 day ago

I'm not saying it's aliens, but its aliens.

1 day ago

Your telling me a 18 to100 feet long ship frozen on ice it will probably sail once antartica melts😁

1 day ago

63.02'56' S 60.57"32 W what is it ?

1 day ago

You forgot palm trees and pyramids

1 day ago

BCE? You idiots tried to make that stick but it didn't work. BC still is rightly used

1 day ago

Ah, there were more than a lot of fossils of monosaurs!

1 day ago

Usual blah blah rubbish.

1 day ago

Antarctica should fascinate everyone. From the scientific aspects to the fact that there's banned military testing there. Military to Hippie, Eco-Nut to Demolitionist, this land has secrets that every government on earth has intentionally held from you.

1 day ago

is the atm for the pelicans and polar bears

1 day ago

Antarctica has no time zone? So time just doesn't exist there?

1 day ago

Creature listed at serial number 3 is 8 inches not 8 feet .

1 day ago

Did u just say global warming and 250 million years ago. Hmmmmm.....

2 days ago

Nr.4 100 year old whiskey

2 days ago

Yes I want to see that land

2 days ago

We got very good information about Antarctica continent. Our wish is to visit Antarctica one's in a lifetime

2 days ago

They didn't mention one thing
Actually I find Hitler's body in anterctica

2 days ago

Is this a part of a film in the intro?

2 days ago

This is the flag for Antarctica

2 days ago

Is that you Smart Banana

2 days ago

4:38 Monasaur?

2 days ago

Your not allowed into Antarctica more than a couple of kilometers. No fly zone as well... literally anything told to us about this place can't be confirmed by anyone but a select group

2 days ago