This New Fortnite Baller Vehicle is Amazing!! (Fortnite: Battle Royale Hamster Ball Gameplay!)

Published on Mar 12, 2019 116,078 views

New Fortnite Baller (Hamster Ball) Vehicle is Amazing!! (Fortnite: Battle Royale Baller Gameplay!)

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  • Kenworth
    Kenworth 1 week ago This New Baller Vehicle is Freaking Awesome! Drop a LIKe if you guys enjoyed the video and subscribe <3
  • Splitic
    Splitic 1 week ago i love your videos i wish one day i could play with you XD
  • Splitic
    Splitic 1 week ago if i was to ever play with you my epic user name in Splitic
  • SP Begley
    SP Begley 1 week ago It really is
  • SchiesseSquad Games
    SchiesseSquad Games 1 week ago (edited) Kenny please look at your instagram messages my user is gabe._.hunt
  • No. 13 games
    No. 13 games 1 week ago Jesus kenworth , I know I said next video but not within 20 hours of each other
  • Soccer Ninja
    Soccer Ninja 1 week ago Kenworth you can do damage with the baller
  • Trap Beats
    Trap Beats 1 week ago Kenworth your outro song is pretty good. If it was remixed.. that would be cool bro 😎
  • hok hok
    hok hok 1 week ago The baller is like the girosphere from Jurassic world I ride one and it was so fun
  • steven mcdaid
    steven mcdaid 1 week ago hok hok I was going to comment this so I was looking if anyone did and you did 🙄
  • youssef Basha
    youssef Basha 1 week ago Kenny why you flexing on us we know your a baller lol😎
  • Zeebidy S
    Zeebidy S 1 week ago You are literally the best YouTuber Keep up the good work And have a nice day everyone😊
  • Thomas Chase
    Thomas Chase 1 week ago Thanks 😘
  • FemaleWolfPlayz - ROBLOX
    FemaleWolfPlayz - ROBLOX 1 week ago "I just wanna roll around with you dude. Lalalalalalala." Basically me 😂
  • Krazy J
    Krazy J 1 week ago u better stay away from the indominus rex
  • Aimee 18
    Aimee 18 1 week ago YES KENNY, hes still got it 🔥😏
  • Zanzo Abdul
    Zanzo Abdul 1 week ago That slurp animation is insane
  • Kasper Marshall
    Kasper Marshall 1 week ago (edited) Great video bro huge fan
  • Adam C
    Adam C 1 week ago (edited) Seems pretty cool mine is still updating, but I get to watch this video in advance Helps a lot and fun to watch Have a nice day everyone Recommend subscribing
  • MrC the Plant
    MrC the Plant 1 week ago Baller vehicle plays by a Baller YouTuber. Creative in more than just game mode.
  • The music dogs Alex Ollie
    The music dogs Alex Ollie 1 week ago U the best keep up the amazing work🙂
  • Stinkysock911
    Stinkysock911 1 week ago Henry: Bro I have 3 people spectating me, do you think they recognized me??? Kenny: Uh..... maybe.... LOL
  • Liam Samin
    Liam Samin 1 week ago Oh Kenny is actually good at the game not just Creative
  • Shrayash Singh
    Shrayash Singh 1 week ago Love ur vids u so funny goood work can't wait for another vid once again love u
  • Creddit
    Creddit 1 week ago This is epic 😎
  • Noble Society
    Noble Society 1 week ago Hey bro great content, keep up the quality content if you wanna grow your following
  • pooja sharma
    pooja sharma 1 week ago This is how many wins you will get?? And also, got 99k Vbucks without having to pay for it . I posted method on my youtube
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    Mono_PlasmaRuler 1 week ago I’m a creative YouTuber tbnrKAPPA
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    Cameron Charles 1 week ago i love ur channel logo
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    Shrayash Singh 1 week ago Heart this Mr Kenworth