*NEW* Fortnite Season 8 Leaked Cosmetics (Drum Major, Slap Happy, Spring-Loaded)

Published on Mar 12, 2019 47,378 views

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►*NEW* Fortnite Season 8 Dances & Skins Leaked! (Drum Major, Slap Happy, Spring-Loaded, Raining Doubloons!)




Drum Major
Slap Happy
Raining Doubloons

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  • Elegance
    Elegance 1 week ago Raining Doubloons = Make it rain Remix 😂
  • Jere xd
    Jere xd 1 week ago 1:14 that coin emote has the same glitch whit the make it rain
  • 4001 subs no videos challenge
    4001 subs no videos challenge 1 week ago Jere xd oh it does mega oof
  • Prem Tuladhar
    Prem Tuladhar 1 day ago Yea
  • Smoke393
    Smoke393 1 day ago Good
  • BattleHoundGaming
    BattleHoundGaming 1 week ago Drum Major is the Remix of take the l LOL
  • Zoey Lightningheart
    Zoey Lightningheart 1 week ago AHAHA IT IS TO
  • ITZstatz2244
    ITZstatz2244 12 hours ago I was about say........... that sounds nothing like like take L.. wait a minute I dose sound like the L
  • DummyThunder12
    DummyThunder12 12 hours ago Spring loaded just came out
  • Sherell Watson
    Sherell Watson 1 week ago Drum major is Take the L music
  • Yummy_Squirtss
    Yummy_Squirtss 12 hours ago No one cares this is a dead game
  • Dantom Yt
    Dantom Yt 1 week ago (edited) I thought slap happy is switch it down xD
  • Shafique Ahmed
    Shafique Ahmed 1 week ago The 'ninja girl' looks like female kakashi
    YASIN KING 1 week ago (edited) Scenario remix Best of emote
  • bilel seghiri
    bilel seghiri 1 week ago Scenario best dance
  • • Ramon •
    • Ramon • 1 week ago Shop😭😭😭😭
  • Zy TR1CKST3R yZ
    Zy TR1CKST3R yZ 1 week ago Its sad,but he never gonna come to shop
  • Tripping trunk
    Tripping trunk 1 week ago @Zy TR1CKST3R yZ it might come to the shop Saturday maybe I don't know for sure tho it's that event about it.
  • Fraydizs
    Fraydizs 1 week ago @Zy TR1CKST3R yZ why wont it come to shop???
  • TrippleX 2021
    TrippleX 2021 1 week ago @Fraydizs duh because Epic Games won't bring it to shop if it exclusive to the Galaxy S10 because thn tht would cause problems
  • Ahmed Salih
    Ahmed Salih 1 day ago Well fortnite wants £1000 for it lol
  • VALE_YT Me gusta BTS
    VALE_YT Me gusta BTS 1 week ago 1:22 i love ecenario IKON
  • Xoni Rrahmani
    Xoni Rrahmani 1 week ago can you make a video on how you got the scenario in march 13 pls :(
  • SrMagnet 11
    SrMagnet 11 1 week ago Its for display only he hacked it
  • wicky animation
    wicky animation 1 week ago Xoni Rrahmani lol scenario is only for the new galaxy phone the note 10 I think so rip scenario cause you need the phone to get it
  • Rick Games
    Rick Games 1 week ago wicky animation note 10? its for the s10 series lol
  • SampledGlobe
    SampledGlobe 1 week ago can you move while doing spring loaded? just like with Conga?
  • pure idiot
    pure idiot 1 week ago No only This Major emote
  • LeGeND501
    LeGeND501 1 week ago (edited) I wish! It's only Conga and Drum Major for now
  • Michael Power
    Michael Power 1 week ago Clickbait clickbait
  • xd Wolfcraft :/
    xd Wolfcraft :/ 1 week ago Yeah Remakes
  • lolo G&K
    lolo G&K 1 week ago I love scénario
  • Princesse Heidi
    Princesse Heidi 1 week ago that cool
  • Princesse Heidi
    Princesse Heidi 1 week ago i like raining doubloons that nice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • nourah subeai
    nourah subeai 1 week ago speed 1 25
  • sniper Boy_
    sniper Boy_ 1 week ago I love the dance slap happy