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Fortnite is adding the HIGH STAKES Challenges with the GETAWAY LTM adding new FREE REWARDS for win matches of getaway, use a grappler in different matches of the getaway, deal damage to jewel carrying opponents and pick up a jewel in different matches of the getaway! Doing these challenges will unlock FREE REWARDS such as free backbling, pickaxe, spray and trail!! The wildcard skin will also be back in the item shop!

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  • Lupaix
    Lupaix 1 week ago (edited) Who loves Bodil40? Been with him since the Minecraft days. The old Minecraft days..
  • WHYy0uKI11m3
    WHYy0uKI11m3 1 week ago Btd battle dayz
  • Little Toxicity
    Little Toxicity 1 week ago Man, old times
  • nothing.
    nothing. 1 week ago Yep I used to watch him when he barely posted and now he posts a lot more and plays only fortnite
  • Lamontae Gordon
    Lamontae Gordon 1 week ago This is my first year watching him
  • jeef69
    jeef69 1 week ago Those were the days, man
  • F Cc
    F Cc 1 week ago Same
  • Ananas Decko
    Ananas Decko 1 week ago Exactly
  • DreidFoil123
    DreidFoil123 1 week ago Agar.io
  • Boltazar
    Boltazar 1 week ago same he was knows bulgarian and he was playing with znaka
  • Mr Great
    Mr Great 1 week ago Nostalgia
  • The X Plosif Guy
    The X Plosif Guy 1 week ago (edited) The crowbar came out in season 5 during the original event Maybe there's gonna be an alt style or something
  • Pika Asriel
    Pika Asriel 1 week ago Hopefully
  • It’s Sparks
    It’s Sparks 1 week ago Season 5 is not og lol
  • ChronicRaidz
    ChronicRaidz 1 week ago Um yea there isn't gonna be an og style cause everyone played baack then and people cant call it og
  • The X Plosif Guy
    The X Plosif Guy 1 week ago @ChronicRaidz who cares
  • Sasuke
    Sasuke 1 week ago Lmao I feel like all these season 5 bots think it’s og
  • RX -4
    RX -4 1 week ago Do you really think its og it was like a few months ago and you call yourself an og dang 7years old these days
  • RX -4
    RX -4 1 week ago Ahhh so you are 7y old
  • The X Plosif Guy
    The X Plosif Guy 1 week ago @RX -4 do you think youre cool or something for insulting people in the comments of a fortnite video?
  • kaiepic
    kaiepic 1 week ago why would there be an og style for the crowbar are people really like this
  • The X Plosif Guy
    The X Plosif Guy 1 week ago @kaiepic i didnt mean the crowbar was og i meant the original crowbar owners might get an alt style for having gotten it first
  • FoxLP
    FoxLP 1 week ago eh
  • ixNoah
    ixNoah 1 week ago Gold crowbar.
  • FoxLP
    FoxLP 1 week ago the event came out like 5 hours ago,there is no alt style @ixNoah
  • RX -4
    RX -4 1 week ago Wait you didnt answer my question are you acually 7.........and no i wasnt insulting you i was telling you thay the getaway or the crowbar is not og thats all i said.....ok maybye i did call you 7 but thats because you were acting like one
  • FoxLP
    FoxLP 1 week ago he said original EVENT not that its og you dumb @RX -4
  • RX -4
    RX -4 1 week ago Foxlp do you even know what og means
  • RX -4
    RX -4 1 week ago What you just said is the def of og
  • RX -4
    RX -4 1 week ago Gezz and you call me dumb FoxLP
  • FoxLP
    FoxLP 1 week ago @RX -4 ik what og means, but i ment something different,just nevermind also i agree that the crowbar isnt og ;)
  • RX -4
    RX -4 1 week ago K
  • falling down
    falling down 1 week ago @RX -4 ok 3 subscribers we get it
  • RX -4
    RX -4 1 week ago I dont even have any vids
  • CloudGamesHD
    CloudGamesHD 6 days ago this dude never said it was OG.
  • RX -4
    RX -4 6 days ago But he did say original event which is basacally like og and i dont think you know what og means or iam wrong?????????????
  • CloudGamesHD
    CloudGamesHD 6 days ago RX -4 What you guys mean with OG is stuff from season 1-2. OG also means original. He meant the original or OG Getaway event.
  • RX -4
    RX -4 6 days ago Yes and hes saying that that mode is og and its really not actually its not at all
  • Timmygammer3000
    Timmygammer3000 1 week ago 𝘿𝙤𝙣’𝙩 𝙍𝙚𝙖𝙙 𝙈𝙤𝙧𝙚 You gonna have great luck for 2019 łïkè this comment and śúbśćrïbê to me to Activate
  • fox
    fox 1 week ago Stop trying to get likes
  • Crzy Goldn
    Crzy Goldn 1 week ago No
  • Cano
    Cano 1 week ago Mmmmmm how is the same pickaxe landing back
  • Jlquszf1
    Jlquszf1 1 week ago And spray and contrails and same challenges
  • Samuel Turner
    Samuel Turner 1 week ago It's dumb because I already have it so it's not going to be rare anymore
  • Black_ Koolaid
    Black_ Koolaid 1 week ago @Samuel Turner same
  • Xxjoshuaxxkiller YT
    Xxjoshuaxxkiller YT 1 week ago Now everyone will have it I wasted some of my summer to do challenges and now they’ve brought them back .come on
  • Cano
    Cano 1 week ago @Xxjoshuaxxkiller YT now u see how ogs felt when rednose raider comeback
  • mohamedA123456 rx
    mohamedA123456 rx 1 week ago I have it as well but if they bring the ace back i will be chessed
  • Ashley Wright
    Ashley Wright 1 week ago Cano idk
  • instinct
    instinct 1 week ago i got the contrail back in season 5 hopfully i can get the pickaxe now
  • Sd06 Games
    Sd06 Games 1 week ago I got both😂
  • Deon Esterhuizen
    Deon Esterhuizen 1 week ago Hi dude thx for the video
  • Sadvibes/fortnite vibes 112
    Sadvibes/fortnite vibes 112 1 week ago I have the getaway rewards from season 5 and I don’t want the crowbar to come back😭
  • SUPRIzE!
    SUPRIzE! 1 week ago Stop the capitals in the title! It makes me hate the video more!
  • Nate Pugh
    Nate Pugh 1 week ago Someone help me add my epic TrashGod-Nate
  • Sekromez
    Sekromez 1 week ago Bodil40 why u quit mc :(
  • Dylan T
    Dylan T 1 week ago Cmon bot finish your weekly challenges
  • Quantum
    Quantum 1 week ago The Getaway was the best gamemode
  • dastrongestapple Applesauce
    dastrongestapple Applesauce 1 week ago Lie crowbar 2 challenges no xp is given
  • JeffHAJAX
    JeffHAJAX 1 week ago I already have the Ruby varient
  • Chameleon1446
    Chameleon1446 1 week ago JeffHAJAX lucky I need help so many try hard
  • Gaming with Anthony123wo
    Gaming with Anthony123wo 1 week ago Can you be my friend i need help on some challenges my name is Anthony123boom
  • - IFrancesco
    - IFrancesco 1 week ago These challenges are hard now cuz everyone is a pro
  • Vampire Gamer
    Vampire Gamer 1 week ago Whenever I see bodil upload a leak I believe him
  • BadZ 5
    BadZ 5 1 week ago Um the getaway wasn't here at season 8 and this is to far to send this
  • Lukkari 1
    Lukkari 1 1 week ago I do every challenges in same day
  • Notty Bobby
    Notty Bobby 1 week ago I hope the starter pack does not come back because I have it